I create beautiful websites that draw attention.

I create web solutions to help businesses grow online and get more clients. Building beautiful websites that will change your online presence. Freelance web developer and website specialist.

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Everything you need for your website

Project strategy

We talk and learn more about what you are trying to achieve. Then, we decide what is the best step for your business and how to approach it.

Healthy relationship

Working with the wrong person might be painful. I know it. With me, It’s straight to the point. No drama or confusion. I’m here to solve problems and make your life easier.

Ongoing support

After finishing the project, your website will be live and growing. If you need help, want to add new features or make improvements I'm here to help you.

Recent projects

Paint Shop


Teknopol is my client for some time now. We work together on SEO, marketing and managing their website. Recently, the company got their website completely redesigned and rebuilt by me.
Cosmetics Store


I enjoy working with cosmetics brand called Madame Justine. My run marketing operations and online store managment for them. Also, I completely redeveloped their store, doubling its speed.
Law Office


With Solveris, I worked on long term search engine optimization, content creation and online ad campaigns. Also, I largely expanded their website and created well-optimized landing pages for regional traffic.
Car Service


Dyc-Car ended up with a brand new website. Modern, responsive and custom-made. After performing my seo services, website ranked well on many local search results, remaining first in lots of them.

Get your website
on the right track

Most websites lack quality and character. They are too slow and clunky. As a result, companies lose tons of potential customers and revenue. Luckily, It can be avoided.

I focus on quality and details by creating user-centered solutions. Let your clients always find what they are looking for. Get more traffic, increase engagement, make more sales.

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Effective marketing,
that really works

Effective marketing and internet promotion is a must. Most of the companies aren't investing in online campaigns or ads. Come on, it's XXI century, internet is full of possibilites for every industry. I know how to use its potential and give you everything you need to grow your brand and make more sales.

I create advanced marketing plans, Google Ads campaigns and more. I deliver high-quality graphic designs for your social media and ads. I will make sure your campaigns are delivering best results. Your online traffic will increase and you will get new possibilities for your company.

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Mike Mlotowski

I'm Mike Mlotowski

I'm a freelancer based in Warsaw, Poland. I work remotely countrywide and internationally, so feel free to contact me. Web development is my passion and I’ll make sure you are happy with the results.

Contact me

Drop me a quick email to get in touch with me. I'm available for work and would love to hear from you.

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